Langstroth Hive

The Problem


Three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants and about 35 percent of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollinators, such as bees. Scientists estimate that one of every three bites of food we eat exists because of animal pollinators like bees.

Despite the critical value bees hold within our delicate ecosystem, bees are dying at record high rates due to chemicals, parasites, viruses, habitat loss and poorly designed hives. Last winter, New Hampshire beekeepers lost 55% of their colonies and, nationwide, nearly 40% of their honeybee colonies, due to the inability of most hives to properly protect honeybees in extreme conditions.

The Solution

Honey Bee Defender Bee Hive


To solve this problem, Bee Fortress USA has engineered an innovative new beehive design that is hand-crafted from premium materials and focused 100% on honeybee’s survival. The Honey Bee Defender Hive features an innovative ventilation system to ensure that safe CO2 and humidity levels are maintained within the hive. With optional hive heating capabilities, and a novel design to ensure a waterproof home, the Honey Bee Defender solves virtually all of the problems inherent with the Langstroth hive. The Honey Bee Defender components can also work with existing Langstroth hives, and are designed using premium materials and craftsmanship to provide safe and comfortable living conditions honeybees need to thrive.

Bee Fortress was founded by John Rocheleau, a life-long inventor with a career of patents and innovations in the HVAC industry. Recognizing the failings of the Langstroth hive design, John created the Honey Bee Defender, with the mission of helping to keep honey bees alive in most climate conditions, and to prevent invasions of so-called robbers.

Bee Fortress Cabin, Oak, Side View

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Status: Coming Soon!

Please support our Bee Fortress USA campaign on Indiegogo to jumpstart the production of the Honey Bee Defender Hive. By contributing to this campaign, you will not only have the opportunity to own this premium beehive but more importantly, you will be an active ally and friend of the honeybees, participating in helping to save the bees by providing them with a safe and secure home, something every living being should have.

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