The Bee Fortress Story

Bee Fortress Cabin Sapele VentsI started keeping bees as a hobby. But when my first hive died over winter in a Langstroth hive, I knew there had to be a better way to keep and protect a colony of honey bees.

So, I put my 22 years as an inventor in the HVAC industry (that I’ve been in for 40 years) to work, and designed a premium beehive so that bees can stay safe and secure in virtually all climate conditions.

It was very fundamental for me to see that the Langstroth hive was not designed to be properly ventilated, able to be heated in inhospitable low temperatures, maintain healthy CO2 and humidity levels, and keep invaders and the elements out of the hive.

Soon, I created a prototype with premium materials and proper Indoor Climate Control features, and quickly found that I was right. My next bee colony flourished, and the Honey Bee Defender was born!

The Honey Bee Defender helps keep colonies alive by promoting healthy hive conditions year round. No other hive in the world does as much as the Defender does to protect honey bee colonies!

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Who Is John Rocheleau?

John Rocheleau has a long history of solving problems. He’s a 22-year independent inventor of many HVAC products that are installed in buildings around the world. Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and then some are the areas of Indoor Climate Control John has worked since 1980. He is a past President of the New Hampshire Inventors Association, and a consultant to aspiring independent inventors. John brings forth a new understanding of the indoor world of honey bees and invents new technologies to optimize the bees’ indoor climate conditions for peak colony health and numbers.

Listen to an interview with John Rocheleau, Indoor Climate Control Expert and inventor, on The Exchange program on New Hampshire Public Radio, FM 89.1. Circa 2000.
Bee Fortress Inventor John Rocheleau

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