Critical to honey bees’ survival is the weather. Too cold and bees die. Too hot and flowers can’t produce nectar and pollen, then, bees die. No nectar and beekeepers feed their bees sugar water, which adversely affects bees health and often their bees die from malnutrition.

There is much talk about ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’, and it is suggested that changes in the weather are happening because of such abnormal weather conditions.

One thing for sure is that honey bees are under assault from many different fronts, and knowing this is why I recognize there is ample opportunity for problem-solving, which is the underpinning of why I keep honey bees.

To set the record straight, I do not keep bees for the products that they produce: honey, wax, pollen and propolis. And herein lie the problems.

Bees do not need man; man needs honey bees for obvious reasons including, pollination so ffod production can be positively supported. But native bees are much better at pollinating than honey bees. Take mason bees as an example of a more productive pollinator. What other role do bees play that help humans? Not many. However, honey bees, like all other flora and fauna, are part of the web of life, the biosphere, the natural environment. Some will argue that bees support mankind with the products they produce, including the most coveted: honey. But do we need honey? While honey does promote health in many ways, it can also harm us, since too much sugar in one’s diet can lead to well known diseases like diabetes.

While these things are fundamentally true about honey bees and man’s dependence on them, in reality, aside from bees being a necessary part of our biosphere, man does not need to keep bees. In fact, most things that mankind meddles with in the environment end up being adversely affected, which brings us back to the weather.

I’ve found that most people I’ve met in my adult life associate “problems” with negativity. I have a different view of problems. Show me a solution that did not originate with a problem. I think it can be successfully argued that virtually all solutions began with some sort of problem, no matter how small. Even problems that are ‘positive’ can be made better with the right solution. Think of birthday presents. Wrapping paper augmented something positive, like giving a gift to someone on their birthday and, first, wrapping it in an attractive, uplifting pattern on wrapping paper.

Then there are ‘solutions’ to a problem that are greater than the original problem. Nuclear weapons might be a poignant example – one army finds it necessary to conquer another and creates an atomic bomb that ends a way, but it kills hundreds of thousands and leaves toxic elements behind that become a new problem for the surviving population: cancer from effects of radiation.

What if I told you that one of the biggest problems that we humans face today is the weather we are experience? One might think that I am alluding to ‘Climate Change’ in the sense of the term that the Main Stream Media (MSM) beats us over the head with on a perpetual basis. Yes, I am talking about man-made ‘climate change’, but not the scenario that the media, special interest groups and politicians use to beat us over the head with, to manipulate the way we think.

The ‘climate change’ that I speak of is that which is intentionally being done by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), or as I like to call them: Murder Inc. (MI), the term that I will use hereafter.

Before you view me as a tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, you might want to watch this documentary.

As an FAA-licensed Private Pilot, with extensive training on weather systems and cloud types, I assure you, what we are seeing in the sky most days of any given week, I can tell the difference between natural clouds and man-made clouds. Can you?

Unfortunately, there is a great big elephant in the room that no one seems to notice. There’s a reason for this: the MSM and MI are engaged in the biggest cover-up in all of human history. Yes, there are plenty of other cover-ups, but the global geoengineering programs that have been going on since 1891 when the first patent was filed, is by far the largest cover-up, given its global reach and affect on the biosphere..

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